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This page is part of my Western Digital My Book World Edition scratch pad.

Tips and Tricks

Enabling ssh

If for any reason you cannot update to a recent firmware version, go here to find your way to ssh. If your firmware is version 01.00.14 or later (and you should update anyway!), you can easily enable SSH without any hacks! Simply log into the web administrative interface.
  1. Click on the Advanced link in the upper right to enable more selections.
  2. Select the System TAB
  3. Select Advanced ICON
  4. Now click on Enable SSH
  5. After SSH is enabled you can login as either 'admin' with the admin password (default is 'admin'). You can also login as root using 'welc0me' as the initial password.
  6. Once you have logged in as root, you can (and should!!!) change the password from the default using the 'passwd' command.
  7. If you create other users in the web interface, they can log in via ssh, but must put their username in all-caps ("USERNAME" not "username").

Using rsync

This is a most sophistcated tool for having your data synchronised over several systems - no matter whether for backup purposes or to move your files from development to productive systems. The process can be entirely automated and works well between MBWEs and other systems. I will not go into details about how to use rsync, see man rsync instead. But I had to find out that rsync is slow. I talk about special problems and solutions concerning the MBWE or system with a weak cpu in general. This subject has got it's own page.

Poor man's shadowcopy

This is not a true shadowcopy, but it will protect you against most cases of unwanted modification and deletion of files.

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